Invalid report table combination

4/26/2018 2576 Contributors


In incompatible set of tables is being used in a basic report. Only certain combinations of tables are allowed in a basic report in order for the report to be run. This is due to limitations on how tables can be connected to each other when generating the rows for the report's output.

For example, a report can't have both the Applications table and the Local Users table because the reporting engine won't be able to correlate the multiple rows from each into single rows for the output grid. 

Possible Causes

The report definition shouldn't allow for incompatible reports to be combined in a single report, so seeing this error most likely represents a bug in the report definition's interface.

Recommended Fixes

It is possible to combine these types of tables using a SQL report since the more flexible logic of SQL allows for the additional information needed to correlate these unrelated tables to each other. You can post a question to our forums if you need assistance in how to formulate the proper SQL syntax to get the output you want.