Output exceeded maximum size allowed

4/26/2018 5084 Contributors


The output from the installer or command has exceeded the limit of 15MB. This limit is in place to prevent a command running in an endless loop from filling up the disk of the target computer.

The installer or command may be in a loop writing output to the disk continuously. A common culprit of this situation is the reg.exe command which, when prompting for confirmation of the operation, will keep writing out the question without waiting for a response.

Double-check the command or installer you're using to ensure they are not writing back to the PDQ Deploy console with gobs of probably useless data.

WARNING: Perform the following with all of the usual care you would use in accessing and changing a database directly, without prompts, and with the possibility of a catastrophic loss of data. It is recommended you perform a backup of the database prior to executing the following instructions.  

Correct for this error by increasing the size of the DeploymentSettings.MaxStepOutputSize value:
1. In PDQ, go to Options > Preferences > Database and click on the SQLite Console button to open the SQLite console
2. Run the following command, including the terminating semicolon (this increases the size from 15MB to 200MB)

insert into Settings ('Name', 'Value') values ('DeploymentSettings.MaxStepOutputSize','209715200');

3. You can then check what the size is by running the following command from an elevated command prompt -not the SQLite console:

pdqdeploy settings -name DeploymentSettings.MaxStepOutputSize

It is not possible to successfully use the pdqdeploy settings -name DeploymentSettings.MaxStepOutputSize command prior to creating the the DeploymentSettings.MaxStepOutputSize parameter. The command will only work if the value has changed from the default (15728640 bytes).