No scan cache data found for [scanner]

4/26/2018 988 Contributors

You receive an error that there is no scan cache data found for scanner name.

The scan cache database doesn't have any available data for the given scanner name.


When using the option Use Cache Exclusively (do not directly scan computers), you might receive this error when the scanner name is unable to find any suitable data in the existing scan cache database.

Possible Causes & Resolutions:

  • The scanner doesn't support scan caching. Currently, the File and Registry scanners do not support scan caching due to differences with scanner settings between consoles.
  • The scan data is too old. For example, looking at the image below, if the scan data is older than 1 day, the cached data will not be used. Change the setting in Preferences > Scanning to increase the scan age. To avoid this error, reference the scan age setting against the console machine that writes to the cache.