Google Chrome Enterprise 63.0.3239.132


Chrome Browser for Business (AKA Chrome Enterprise).

This package installs either the 32-bit or 64-bit Chrome depending on the architecture of the target computer.

Due to the way that Chrome runs, PDQ Inventory will perform some extra steps to determine which version of Chrome is currently used. This means that Chrome may need to be restarted before the new version is available (and, thus, detected for inventory purposes).

This package does not restart the target computer, nor does it restart Google Chrome.

This package installs Chrome for all users of a computer. Adobe Flash (PPAPI) is no longer bundled in Google Chrome Enterprise but it will be automatically installed inside of Chrome when needed unless a target computer cannot access the internet or has the policy "Enables component updates in Google Chrome" disabled. In cases where target computers need Adobe Flash for Chrome AND component updates are not allowed to be upgraded you may deploy the Adobe Flash for PPAPI package in the Package Library.

This package disables Google Auto Update.

Chrome requires Windows 7 or later.




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