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  • You may want to check any of the executable or files to see if a version increments there? If it does you can create custom file scanner to keep track of the versions on those files.

  • Just remember drill down does not use the filters of the parent collection. It only limits the members of the collection to the parent collection, and then filters those members by the filters in the sub-collection

  • Does the command step have an exit/error/return code that would indicate success? You can get an the code by manually running the command when the folder is missing by entering echo %errorlevel%

    I've done similar pass/fail checks with PowerShell steps in the past and creating my own fail and success exit codes:

        $Processes = Get-Process
    if ( $Processes.ProcessName -contains "chrome" ) {
        Write-Output "Process Found - Stopping"
        Exit 22
    } Else {
        Write-Output "Process Not Found"
        Exit 11

    With this, I have 0,11 set as success codes. Then if the process found on the target, it exists with 22 indicating a Fail (or success depending on your Error Mode in the step options) If the process is not found it sends back an 11, and the step continues on as a success. Just need to modify the checking, for the directory you're looking for and adding the removal to the found portion.

  • Yes, if you never want computers in Inventory to not have this application that would be the best way.

  • Matches Expression uses .NET RegEx. RegEx Hero is the most useful tool I've messed with for building a Regular Expression.

    What's an example machine name this filter wouldn't work for?

  • This is expected behavior, if the Inventory console that owns this Agent is unable to communicate over Inventory's server port the device will be considered External. If they are connected over a VPN/MPLS, you may want to double check traffic is not being blocked that would prevent the Inventory console from directly communicating with your Agent.

  • Not necessarily, are those machines in a Active Directory Security Group?

  • The option on a schedule to Stop Deploying to targets once they succeed is what you're looking for.


  • Likely you're running into a permissions issue. Your Deploy User will also need access to those individual mapped drives paths/shares in order to launch the programs as the user. Otherwise, I always recommend using the full UNC path.

  • Not sure I follow the question. You should be able to install both packages independently of each other.

    As for detecting/targeting upgrades I would look to Inventory to do that.

  • The Security Groups that computer is a member of should display there. Active Directory Groups Page Documentation


  • Hey Andrew, if you haven't already I recommend contacting us directly in support for helping out with this issue: support@pdq.com

  • Matches Pattern does not work because the application name is WizTree v3.26 and Matches Pattern, unless specified with wildcards, matches exactly. In your case, you should try using Starts With instead of Matches Pattern, but oddly enough Matches Expression works in this instance as well, because Matches Expression will match any part of the text where the match occurs.

    Which is what our Collection Library collection for WizTree alrea dy uses, which will be updated to use the more correct Starts With all the sub-collections use:

    Collection Library

  • No way to mass import into the Product keys field. That feature was deprecated, it remains in the product for the customers that originally had the product and the information from when that feature was active.

    It is recommend to use Custom Fields for this now.

  • The package will not start deploying itself. A schedule will facilitate the deployments.

    You'll want to set your approval time to 2 days then configure a time on a daily interval to deploy those updates on your schedule. The update will downloaded 2 days (48 hours) after the update is published then will deploy the next time your schedule's trigger is configured.

  • They should be available here in the archive: https://live.pdq.com/

  • Double check the Package and Step conditions tabs, otherwise, reach out to us a support@pdq.com for more indepth troubleshooting.

  • Central Server is a mode PDQ Deploy and Inventory can operate in. You can switch modes under Options->Central Server at any time