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  • Java 9 and 10 both are available in the package library now!

  • Hi Matt, since you only want to see machines not in those collections using a Not Any filter group pointing to the two Office collections will accomplish this quite easily: 

    I used Office 2016 collections in this example, but you can use any number of collections to filter machines that are not members of any of the collections into this dynamic collection.

  • Hey there Steve,

    Looks like we won't be able to get this up and running with any speed as the License Agreement is pretty clear and the only way around is a written agreement between Intel and us: 

    2. You may not copy, modify, rent, sell, distribute or transfer any part

    of the Software except as provided in this Agreement, and you agree to

    prevent unauthorized copying of the Software.

    In the past, Colby put together some useful tools you can try to to use from the last time Intel did a whoops https://support.pdq.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000035311-Intel-Active-Management-Technology


  • Looks like we forgot to update this to let you all know this was added to the package library.

  • Hello Ben,

    After reviewing this software and license we are not able to include Skype For Business Basic 2016 available in the package library at this time.

  • Hello Jackson,

    Would you provide any information you've gathered so far, such as:
    Application name - 
    Vendor/Publisher - 
    Application Version - 
    Network install Guides/Documentation links - 
    Download links to the Software -

    Fulfilling package requests will depend on the software vendor's EULA or distribution rights, support for silent installation parameters, and the overall popularity and/or applicability of the requests.

  • Hello Larry,

    I do not think it will be possible for us to offer this software in the Package Library. If you visit CyberLink's website they only offer paid and trial versions of their software. Dell may have worked out an agreement with CyberLink to provide this software to owners of Dell hardware.

    Have you tried using VLC for your DVD player needs? We currently offer that in the Package Library.

  • Yikes, this took a while to get published, but it is finally available! 


    Enjoy! ...?

  • Hello Joshua,

    We already offer collections for PowerShell, they are just not in the Collection Library as we offer them to all modes of PDQ Inventory (Free, Pro, & Enterprise).

    If you are missing these collections, you may have removed them from your console. The quickest way to recover missing collections is to do a fresh install of PDQ Inventory on another machine. Then export the PowerShell collections from your new install and import them into your current console.

    If you’re still not able to recover those collections, please contact support@pdq.com and we’ll be glad to help.

  • We've seen issues in the past where Group Policy has restrictions setup to block unsigned scripts and -ExecutionPolicy Bypass gets thwarted by Group Policy. 

  • Hey Rudy!

    We noticed strange behavior with the latest update of PDFCreator internally, which is why we added the uninstall step. In the past, when we've seen support tickets letting us know they were having issues with deploying PDFCreator a restart fixes most issues. In some cases, however, PDFCreator ends up with jobs stuck in the print spool and you'll need to clear those out as well.

    If you're still having issues, feel free to contact us at support@pdq.com

  • Hi there Rudy, we reviewed this software's license and they are very clear that they do not want the licensee making this software available to third parties:

    "Licensee will not transfer, lease, distribute, assign, license, sell or otherwise commercially exploit the Cybereason Software or make the Cybereason Software available to a third party."

    Luckily, this doesn't stop you from making a package for RansomFree to deploy in your environment. Since the installer is an MSI installer it is a breeze to load RansomFree into a PDQ Deploy package. However, do note while I was reviewing the software it does have a nag window on the first launch after install, per user account, that I have been unable to disable from appearing.

  • Additionally, Firefox ESR is designed for this exact reason. You may want to check that out in the Package Library and see if ESR supports your applications.

  • Hey Jake, after reviewing the license we will not be able to offer this in the package library at this time:

    3. Transfer. You may not and you agree not to, or to enable others to, sell, re-distribute, rent, lease or sublicense the Software, except that if you purchased a Logicool product with this Software you may transfer the Software upon a permanent transfer of the Logicool product using the Software; provided that: (a) all Software updates in your use or possession are included in the transfer, (b) you do not retain a copy of the Software, full or partial, including copies stored on a computer or other storage device, and (c) the transferee reads and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

  • Hi Matt, thanks for requesting these for the Package Library. Would you mind providing to links to either of these applications? I have a hunch that they may require an agreement with the vendors to distribute the software, but we'll look into it and figure that out. 

    However, I do know we've helped a few customers getting Dell Command Update to deploy correctly. Setting the package to Deploy User (Interactive) seems to be be the trick to get this to run properly. We see mixed results on using an Install Step or Command Step.

    If you want to use a command step try using:

    • start /wait /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\CommandUpdate" dcu-cli.exe /import /policy DCUNoBiosPolicySettings.xml

    If you want some more help troubleshooting the Dell Command Update package you've built, please write into support@pdq.com

  • Hey Scott, thank you for submitting this request.

    As of now, this software does not meet our requirements for inclusion in the Package Library. This could change should demand or popularity of the software increase. 
    If interested you could still create a package to silently deploy PreForm to your computers. The package that should be fairly easy to update when needed.

    Started by downloading the installer from FormLab’s download page. Looks like a traditional self-extracting executable.

    Just like you mentioned, inside contained the setup for PreForm, Bonjour, and miscellaneous installation files. If you run the downloaded installer, you’ll notice the installer they use is: Nullsoft Install System. With this information you can normally find documentation about the installer and if it has any standard silent install methods.

    Armed with this information, I loaded that installer into new PDQ Deploy package Install Step and used the /S parameter from Nullsoft’s documentation.

    However, if you deploy the package like this you may possibly experience the installer simply hanging and eventually timing out. This is because Bonjour is required to be installed. If you run the PreForm install from CMD using /S you’ll see PreForm begins installing, but then you get a popup to install Bonjour if your system is missing this prerequisite.  To get around this potential hang up, you can install Bonjour and Bonjour64 as Step 1 and 2. You can get the MSI installers from the PreForm installer by opening it as an archive. However, I copied the steps from our iTunes or iCloud packages. I did change the location of the Bonjour installers, but just copying the step from iTunes or iCloud will work without this change. From there it is a simple deploy to your target machines.

    Hopefully this helps! If you run into any issues, contact us at support@pdq.com

  • Happy to inform you two that we've added this package to the Package Library. Be sure to review the Package Description as this software requires prerequisites and operation system conditionals. 

    Please contact support if you run into any issues deploying this in your environment. 

  • Hi Jelle,

    If you haven't seen, we have released Firefox ESR 52 to the package library. 

  • Hey Christian, thanks for the suggestion. I agree wmic is very handy, for legacy systems, but we find those commands to run much slower.

    In addition, Java 6 had a different naming format. You would need to run 2 separate commands to query wmi for the uninstall.

  • Hello Jeff, thanks for submitting this request.

    We are considering including this uninstaller in the Package Library. While this is under testing internally, I wanted to reach out and show you how I was able to create a package using PowerShell to uninstall the Java SE Development Kit back to version 6.

    This will not remove the associated JRE. We have a package for that in the Package Library.

    If you’re up to give this a go in your test environment, here’s the PowerShell I used to remove JDK:

    # Uninstalls Java SE Development Kit

    ForEach ( $Architecture in "SOFTWARE", "SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node" ) {

      $UninstallKey = "HKLM:\$Architecture\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall"

      $GUIDKey = ( Get-ItemProperty "$UninstallKey\*" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Where-Object { $_.DisplayName -clike "Java* SE Development Kit*" } ).PSChildName

          ForEach ( $GUID in $GUIDKey ) {

              If ( $GUID -ne $null ) {

                  Write-Output "Uninstalling: $(( Get-ItemProperty "$UninstallKey\$GUID" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue ).DisplayName)"

                  Start-Process -Wait -FilePath "MsiExec.exe" -ArgumentList "/X $GUID /qn /norestart"





    From there, create a PowerShell step and place the above into that step, make sure to correct any formatting. I'm not sure if the forum will display the code correctly. You can also insert a .PS1 containing the above as well. 

    Let us know if this works in your environment, or if you come up with any issues.

    Thanks again!