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  • There are couple ways that could help save some time with repeated tasks in your example.

    Creating a package for a task that you end up putting in multiple packages, and then you can use a Package Step to add that package to another package.

    You can also, Copy and Paste complete steps from one package to another.

  • Hey there, you'll want to get with us over at support@pdq.com we have a build to help with this.

  • To avoid this, we recommend using the Install Step to run the PS1, this way should allow for your signed script to run, and the scripts we use to execute your PS1 in an Install Step are all signed.

    We do have some feature requests internally to provide their own certs to sign scripts in the PowerShell step, however, at this time it is only a request and we have no timeline for acceptance/implementation.

  • Ah yes, that's the difference detween the CSU and PSU.

    This article should explain what those versions are: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/cpu-psu-explained-2331472.html

  • The software is able to do this, but managing this entries is a very hands on process at this time.

    We had a webcast about adding Non-Scannable items in PDQ Inventory that you may find helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oshuSDZw4hQ

  • Hi Fascom,

    Where do you see a new version of Java? To our knowledge the latest released version is 8.191 released back in October.

    Java Downloads page

  • I typically recommend using the Computer Successful Scan Date field over the Scans Successful Date table as it only contains the latest successful date in that field and the Scan table keeps a historical track of all successful scan dates. However, in this case using the scans table would be just fine.

    As for the filters:

    Not All Computer | Successful Scan Date | After | X Days ago

  • Not sure where you are seeing this error, could you post a screenshot or write into support@pdq.com we'll be glad to help you there as well.

  • Absolutely! If you add a column and use the Computer table , there should be a number of Scan related Columns to add to your report with Scan Status and Scan Error being the relevant ones here.

    basic report for scan status/error

  • Yeah, I wasn't completely sure on the Package Library, as mine is checking far more often than 2 hours and wasn't sure if it was due to some internal reasons 😃

  • Ah, yes those are Packages we've added to the Package Library and are updated/maintained by our team here.

    Currently, there is no ability to add a Auto-Download package on your own with features in the program.

    You can create your own standard package however.

  • I am not 100% on the specifics but, PDQ Deploy should be checking the Package Library for updates constantly and as well as the Collection Library in PDQ Inventory. This is even tracked in an audit log:

    C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Audit

    C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\Audit

    You can force a check, by closing and reopening the console or by opening the Collection/Package Library and hitting F5.

  • Thanks for your package request. We have added FastStone Capture to our request list for research.

    Fulfilling package requests will depend on the software vendor's EULA or distribution rights, support for silent installation parameters, and the overall popularity and/or applicability of the requests. We do not post the status of package library requests, and can not guarantee that all requests will be made available in the Package Library.

  • I'm not sure I understand what you're describing, would you be able to provide some additional details about the goal of your request?

  • Hey there, there is a PDQ Inventory CLI command to update a customer variable. (pdqinventoy /? for more information)

    Then from there, I've used the PS Gallery MSI PowerShell to extract data from a MSI for purposes. MSI module

    I'll leave the reset up to your imagination on how to automate updating those variables 😃

  • Hi Derek, you should be able to relocate these log files, and allow new ones to be created. Be sure to stop the PDQ Inventory and Deploy service before doing so.

  • So I had to double check, but the priority scan feature in PDQ Inventory 17 will place those Scan Step scans in a as a priority scan.

  • You should submit a ticket to support@pdq.com, we'll be able to help you there much more efficiently.

  • The output logs from 1603 errors typically have a real reason the install failed, but you will need to read through the logs to find them. I typically search for fail or error and read the messages.