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  • Feature Request - Archive Asset
  • Feature Request: Heartbeat Alert
  • No worries, thanks!

  • Auto Download Program Request
  • Actually, the computer finally stopped showing. I wonder if the group update just took a bit. This should be right?

  • Dynamic Group
  • Thanks stcain!

  • PDQ Server question
  • Thanks Patrick, I assumed so. Would be a nice field for PDQ to add built in

  • I got it for the most part, some tweaking to do but this does the trick

    select AgentEvents.UserName, Computers.Name from AgentEvents INNER JOIN Computers ON AgentEvents.ComputerId = Computers.ComputerId where AgentEvents.UserName Like 'asd\esullivan'

  • I am not an SQL wiz but I have been playing. Have this so far, but it's returning computers where I am not logged in the agent events.

    select AgentEvents.UserName, Computers.Name from AgentEvents, Computers where AgentEvents.UserName Like 'ASD\esullivan'

    I think it's not pulling only computer names from the agentevents where it equals the username, it's pulling all

  • Way to see ever computer a user has logged in to?
  • Custom Field Variable by IP?
  • Thanks all!

  • LT-(HS\PV\VV\PI\CM)CO-** it should match. Anything else it should not.

  • Dynamic Collection Expression