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  • I'd recommend watching the PDQ videos on Youtube for getting started. You'll have to use the silent install parameters for any install packages you run otherwise they'll just hang until they abort.

    For a .msu the silent parameter is /quiet, and generally you probably want the /norestart parameter as well. A lot of the time, PDQ has your back and automatically puts those parameters in the Command Line section for you.

    Not familiar with Windows Pro, but are the cumulative updates actually any different? The updates they upload are basically the standalone installers from the Microsoft Update Catalog for the different feature versions of Windows 10.

  • Not currently, but other people have expressed interest in that exact feature


    I just posted about this same thing actually

  • If you double click on a computer in Inventory, there is a "Custom Fields" option, however this may not entirely be what you are referring to as it would link the asset to a computer and not just be an asset on its own

  • The Powershell example above is definitely cleaner but here's a command prompt step that I use, just change the .exe both times. This example is what I would use for checking if Internet Explorer is running.

    tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq iexplore.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "iexplore.exe">NUL
    if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" exit /b 1

    It could probably be simplified and cleaner but it works. A pro tip would be to put these "condition checker" steps into their own packages, and then in the future you can just put them in any package you want with a Nested Package step.

  • Feature Request: "Performance" Option per Package
  • /quiet or /q worked fine for me just testing from command prompt, not from PDQ.

    Like Robert said, if you open the exe with 7-zip you can see the various msi's and exe's, there appears to be a few dependencies for that software.

  • I'm seeing this as well but it seems to be only on machines with less than TPM 2.0. Not sure if related or coincidence

  • Yes, I've been seeing this for larger file copies, it doesn't seem to happen for smaller files. I actually came here just to see if anyone else was having this issue.