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  • Ok thanks. So what's the best schedule for a Link target pointing at an Inventory collection? Because I'm finding computers are online for hours in my "missing adobe reader" collection for example, and end up never getting it.

  • Wait, so if a computer is currently Online, then I setup a Heartbeat trigger for a deployment, it won’t ever execute against the computer? Heartbeat only works if it the computer is offline at the time of setting the trigger and comes back online?

  • More PDQ Deploy Woes. Target lists not loading. Schedules not running.
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  • Awesome great to see; thanks so much

  • Feature request: Create collection from computer's inventory
  • Sub or nested collections?
  • Ok thanks and would be a good practice to "Link" a PDQ Deployment to this type of collection (collection where the computer doesn't have the application? This is a collection I want to keep down to 0 as much as possible.

  • Clarification on Application Name Matches Pattern?
  • Yes, that was it. I was able to restart Netlogon service with PSExec then PDQ was able to connect thereafter. Thank you

  • Error help? "The account name is invalid or does not exist"
  • Is there a scanning profile requires for this ?

  • I think I sorted it out. I had to add a nested clause to be:

    Registry	Path	Ends With	Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\AddOnNameHere
  • Registry key value collection - computer shows up under both "contains" and "not contains"
  • @Triggels thanks for that - had no idea! Will that option give me a running grand total of successful deployments as well?

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