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  • I just want to see which deployments are running. Inventory has a scans running link in the bottom right that lets me see active scans. Deploy has deployments running link in bottom right that just brings you to all deployments ever run. This should be an easy win here. Let us only see active deployments that are in process.

  • I am running same as you, but no CPU issues. Support did review my DB and provided guidance on performance improvements:

    Last, if you have any collections using the "member of collection" filter, let's change that to its more reliable filter-cousin "computer collection is member" instead. Development has been able to find a performance issue that is directly related to using that particular filter.

    Not totally sure why this is not a little more publicized, but sounds like a good way to improve performance. I have a ton of these in my environment that I am starting to remediate.

    From Ticket #154507

    One of our clever guys here wrote a SQL report to find filters which might need changing:

    Select Collections.Name as "Collection", reportdefinitionfilters.Value as "Filtering for this Collection" from Collections join reportdefinitionfilters on Collections.ReportDefinitionId = reportdefinitionfilters.ReportDefinitionId where reportdefinitionfilters.tablename = 'Collection'

  • Just received the same update myself. Definitely helps the situation, but still very CPU intensive.

  • Any other changes?

  • Support had me send DB over to them, they report it is being forwarded to development.

  • @Jason & @Curtis_Hendzell Did you guys open cases as well? Where are you in your case if so?

  • I have a case open, no engagement on it since yesterday. Just pinged sales to see what is going on. Will update thread with resolution if one is found.

    Glad to know I have company at least.

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