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  • PDQi has a built in report named Applications that does exactly this.

  • I have discovered the files that store these setting but there is a unique problem. If I copy the files to the install computer before the user first uses ShareX, the files are useless. If I copy them over after the first use, they I can overwrite the existing files and they will work. Odd behavior.

  • Can you try running it from the users computer using the login credentials you have setup for PDQ?

  • Computer --> SP / Release --> Equals --> 1803

  • Customizing ShareX
  • Are you using the agent?

  • You can install it to a server or a regular computer, it makes no difference so long as the computer you install it on has access to the other computers you want to install software to (permissions, network, etc.).

  • What happens when you run setup.exe /i /q locally?

  • If it's static with no members, it will have nothing to query so you should be good.

  • Same here. I have the change the default credentials to the other domain to get the scan to work. It seems as though PDQI isn't trying the other credentials at all.

    EDIT: I found that you can select a machine, or multiple machines, right click and select scan user. You can change the credentials for the domain in question and everything works.

  • No, but you can create a static collection and change the icon (right click, change item appearance). You can then make collections a subset of that static collection.

  • This documentation seems......off. A lot of those switches are used for MSI installs, not .exe. Example: /qn I'd be curious to hear how a silent installs works when run manually on a local machine.

  • Just an FYI, the agent has been 'demoted' back to BETA status so you might want to consider removing it and seeing if the behavior persists.

  • Not by DDR type but by speed: Memory Module - Speed - Equals. You might be able to narrow it down from there.

  • Need more information:

    1. MSI or EXE?
    2. Silent installation options provided by developer?
    3. Any managed installation documentation from developer?
  • Try using a /S in there somewhere.

  • You wouldn't be able to do it directly to the monitors, only another custom field for the computer. That poses a problem if you change the monitors. The information on the monitors would change but not the custom field. That would have to be changed manually or through some PDQ-fu I am not trained in.

    If it helps, one of the columns for displays is hidden that shows the serial number for each monitor.

  • I have seen similar behavior before but usually when the files were missing but the registry entries were still intact. obviously not the case here since you can remove it from add/remove programs. Does the uninstall string in the registry match what PDQI created?

  • If you run that command string on the local machine manually from an elevated command prompt, what does it do?

  • Did you create the uninstall package manually, or did you open a machine with the software installed, right click and select "Create uninstall package in PDQ Deploy"?