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  • I found the solution. This particular package relies on certain abilities within newer Dell BIOSes. For the "older" systems, I was able to deploy the Dell Firmwares to upgrade the BIOSes, then the program would deploy without issue.

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  • Wow, I just got this... I ended up uninstalling, and reinstalling from scratch, and copying my database back into place. All of a sudden, it used the correct credentials for that group

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  • Works, thank you!

  • That worked, thank you very much!

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  • OK, I figured out how to do it. After launching the SQLite Console (Be careful to replace C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages with your current local-only path):

    UPDATE InstallSteps SET FileName = replace( Filename, 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages', '$(Repository)' ) WHERE FileName LIKE 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages\%';
    UPDATE InstallSteps SET Files = replace( Files, 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages', '$(Repository)' ) WHERE Files LIKE 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages\%';
    UPDATE FileCopySteps SET Source = replace( Source, 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages', '$(Repository)' ) WHERE Source LIKE 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages\%';
    .save Database2

    Ensure PDQ Deploy is closed. Open an administrative Command Prompt / Powershell, and run:

    net stop "PDQ Deploy"
    net start "PDQ Deploy"

    After going back into PDQ Deploy, I could see 3 packages where the files could not be found (out of hundreds), and I noticed that I didn't want those packages anyways. Now, everything is pointing to a file server, making my PDQ install very portable.

    As well, please make sure you backup your database if you are unsure of what you're doing! By default, it is located at C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Database.db. Copy it to another location before editing the database manually!

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  • After further testing, I realized it was not the end-all issue. On my first computer I was testing, I had the C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox folder in my %PATH% variable. Therefore, when PDQ executes Firefox Setup 46.0.exe, Firefox 32-bit would try to interpret the command, and just kind of... Stall? I removed the variable, rebooted, and Firefox deployed to that first computer as well.

    Might be a bug with other programs, but I chatted with Jason via email, explaining what may be a good trick for avoiding that in future builds. His support was pretty awesome during all this.

  • It appears that the Version 9 Release Notes have this as the top new feature... Looking forward to the update!

  • This seems to be working with a dev version that Jason sent me via email on a test system. It installed in about 30 seconds, so I did not have the full chance of looking in the Windows\AdminArsenal directory, but I can only assume it got installed properly

  • Using the `/S` parameter on the install worked for me locally. As well, this time it did not wipe out all my cookies like it has before! I don't know why, but the `/INI="Firefox.ini"` parameter did not do it for me. I'm going to manually change the Mozilla Firefox 46.0 package to use /S instead, and see if that works on the next test system from within PDQ.

  • The command line given only had the parameter of "/INI="%CD%\Firefox.ini". I copied that file out too, and ran the command from the folder that had both those files in it. It brings up the installation wizard, which I promptly close. I'll try the /S switch like you proposed, and report back.

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  • Hi Shawn,

    The server program is the part the costs money, but the client is freely available - For Windows, Mac, Blackberry, iOS, and Android. More details are here though - http://www.firstclass.com/Resources/ClientDownloads


    If it gets moved, at least the information is there - But I still think it would be something to look into, with the vast majority of Canadian Government employees (provincial and national) are using it over Microsoft Exchange (i.e. Outlook).

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