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  • After further testing, I realized it was not the end-all issue. On my first computer I was testing, I had the C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox folder in my %PATH% variable. Therefore, when PDQ executes Firefox Setup 46.0.exe, Firefox 32-bit would try to interpret the command, and just kind of... Stall? I removed the variable, rebooted, and Firefox deployed to that first computer as well.

    Might be a bug with other programs, but I chatted with Jason via email, explaining what may be a good trick for avoiding that in future builds. His support was pretty awesome during all this.

  • It appears that the Version 9 Release Notes have this as the top new feature... Looking forward to the update!

  • This seems to be working with a dev version that Jason sent me via email on a test system. It installed in about 30 seconds, so I did not have the full chance of looking in the Windows\AdminArsenal directory, but I can only assume it got installed properly

  • Using the `/S` parameter on the install worked for me locally. As well, this time it did not wipe out all my cookies like it has before! I don't know why, but the `/INI="Firefox.ini"` parameter did not do it for me. I'm going to manually change the Mozilla Firefox 46.0 package to use /S instead, and see if that works on the next test system from within PDQ.

  • The command line given only had the parameter of "/INI="%CD%\Firefox.ini". I copied that file out too, and ran the command from the folder that had both those files in it. It brings up the installation wizard, which I promptly close. I'll try the /S switch like you proposed, and report back.

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  • Hi Shawn,

    The server program is the part the costs money, but the client is freely available - For Windows, Mac, Blackberry, iOS, and Android. More details are here though - http://www.firstclass.com/Resources/ClientDownloads


    If it gets moved, at least the information is there - But I still think it would be something to look into, with the vast majority of Canadian Government employees (provincial and national) are using it over Microsoft Exchange (i.e. Outlook).

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