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  • Software metering, feature request
  • -UP-

    Any news?

  • I Have made feature request to Chris (PDQ) .. In our school win7 machines there is some programs that would be nice to meter... used or not. example I found, but donno how to use: https://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/155940-detect-unused-software-on-all-computers-in-your-network Hope we'll have that asap 😃

  • Had the same problem. Roll back to 16.6.8 was the solution. I'll now wait for 17 not beta version 😃

  • Trick is that it is in userprofile .. and that varies between +2000 usernames I know how to make uninstall package, but does it work in this case?

  • Spotify (per user) uninstall package / Request or share plz.
  • Moved to central server mode / PowerShell tools not working anymore
  • Is the PS in same version level in all machines?

  • Help ...

    Cant make it work in PDQ - Central Server / Client -mode??

    Best tool ever, but now I dont know what is the problem, server 2012r2 and client Windows 10, all with same PowerShell version 5

  • no one ... anyone ? Plz 😃

  • Software usage / Is it possible to count openings
  • Easy to do it your self.

    Silent parameter is -q

  • Could we get something from Admin Arsenal stuff ... will or will not happen?

  • Noone intrested? I still am! LOL

  • Cross OS scans
  • DelProf2 as Custom Tool
  • Very nice thanks, cool custom tool.

    More brain storm for custom tools, they are nice.

    Would be nice to read what kind of custom tools admins has created. 

  • What am i doing wrong in "Custom Tool" ? Does it need a command, start ?

  • WOW

    Thats it, thanks, that solved my problem.

  • LibreOffice install - But we need to keep file associated to MS-Office