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  • I haven't had much luck upgrading from 1709 Pro to 1809 Pro. It times out. When running manually get an error that the /Auto switch isn't recognised.

    I need to spend some more time with this but it would be great if PDQ themselves created a package for upgrading....?

  • I have had sucsess with this from 1511 to 1809 but not from 1709 or beyond.

  • WMI for TPM
  • and when i try that I get access denied, when I am logged in as the user though I can just go ahead and delete them using the delete key :baffled!@:

  • Running a remove command gets access denied
  • Thanks mate, I am clearly doing something very wrong. mine doesn't show like that at all. could you export your report and scan profile (if possible) and upload it so I can take a look at how it is set up? think I may need to watch some more PDQ tutorials because I can't seem to get these reports working

  • Thanks for your help. I must be doing something wrong though as I copied your new report but i am not sure how to tie that in with the scan profile that i created to show the reg key that i am looking for.

  • yeah. that's correct


  • Hi, 

    It is windows 7 mainly. It will be nice to figure this out as I use the registry a lot and if I can run reports on the registry it will help me to diagnose problems all over.

  • Thanks, I have created the scan profile, see below


    Problem is I don't really know what to do with this next, I have tried to run a report but if I am being honest I am a bit lost. it's probably the part of all the PDQ tools that baffles me the most. any help appreciated

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