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  • Perfect! Thanks!

  • SQL Report Wildcard
  • I was really hoping to see that information added as a column. That would make things a lot easier and would be very helpful.

  • SQL Report?
  • Can you provide screenshots of you have you have this setup?

  • I would check for BIOS updates as well.

    FYI....that information is pulled from here HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SystemInformation

  • Perhaps its waiting or looking for user interaction? Have you tried running it as "Deploy User (Interactive)" as a test?

  • Can someone from PDQ comment on this? Is this something on your roadmap?



  • I understand

    If you're looking for beta testers please reachout to me.

  • PDQ as an agent
  • Deploy 15 (Release 3) Auto Download Approval Time Remaining