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  • Both fail to deploy but I can get admin$ from both

  • if you mean "\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\admin$" and "\(computername)\admin$", yes they work

  • Confirmed that it is not 'Unidentified network'

  • Steps taken from KB1055

    Firewall Exceptions are set up correctly: Windows Firewall Ports and Exceptions. * Not blocked

    File and Printer Sharing is enabled. * Shared

    GPO/SRP or Antivirus is not blocking access to the ADMIN$. * Not blocked

    Using \X.X.X.X\ADMIN$ * Tested with no issues

    Appropriate credentials of local administrative user have been set (and tested). * Only one account & tested

    If the target computer is not a member of a Windows 2003 or later Active Directory domain * Is a member of Active Directory

    Create a DWORD value called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\SystemLocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy and assign it a value of 1. * Registry added and Rebooted

    Remote Repair Tool * Ran and all (including IPC$) returned checked (healthy)

    GPO and Scripts: * None

    Administrative Shares are Missing: * All listed and permitted

    Multiple Administrators: * Only one PDQ Administrator account to install/inventory

    Malware or Virus: * A/V did not detect any issues

    • Can run PDQ Tools with no issues (including customized Powershell cmd)
    • Windows 7 SP1 Professional
  • Computer unreachable or offline Issue
  • Disregard - figured it out.

  • Collection Library or (Sub)Folder(s)?