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  • Did this solution work ? @AjayPrashar

  • Maybe it is time for us, BIG company' sysadmins, to ask for a "real" DB that can handle better large-scale environments 😉 ?

    I am managing 40 sites, 1600+ pcs and 350+ servers for 3.000+ people and things start to get a bit sluggish when I try to accomplish too many things.

    That and the makingof different PDQ admin profiles (with read-only perms) would be awesome.

  • I manage a 1600+ computers and 400+ servers list and it's painfully slow and it often crashes (what he previously did not do). Has something changed in the way the client acts ?

    I often have to go to the server to manually check if the service is alive (but it is, and nothing seems wrong on the server side).

    It could be anything, even an update on my graphical drivers, but I did not have this behavior before.



  • I can help for French package, too (and that's a very needed feature since auto-deploy is based on your package Library, only available in en-us ...).