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  • Perfect. Did exactly what I was wanting. I forgot I could filter on even hidden columns and was trying to do "not unidentified" and that was not working. Thanks.

  • Create collection for only Windows OS without a certain software installed
  • All of our pc's are Windows 10. However up until recently none of them had Secure Boot enabled by default. We never have had it enabled until recently because I never bothered to get it working with MDT deployments. The problem right now is we are looking to install Sophos Web Gateway and it has an issue with the signed driver requirement in Windows 10 build 1607 that requires secure boot to be disabled for the program to install correctly. They are aware of the bug and are working to fix it but I am looking for a way to get the program installed now rather than wait for them to fix it. Most of our computers do not have secure boot enabled which is not an issue. The issue is the ones that do I need to deploy a Dell CCTK bios update to so I can disable secure boot and allow this installation.


    So if there was a registry setting I could put as a condition or similar that would be ideal but my searches are coming up unfruitful.

  • Scan Secure Boot Enabled PC's
  • I thought I had tested that too but obviously I didn't. That worked beautifully. Thanks!

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