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  • I have thought about doing this but would the reboot step wait until the powershell command is finished? My last powershell step before reboot is currently: PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Command Import-Module PSWindowsUpdate; Get-WUInstall -MicrosoftUpdate -AcceptAll -AutoReboot

    I can change to -IgnoreReboot to not auto reboot and the next reboot step will reboot when this command is finished?

  • I will give it a shot, thanks!!

    Currently I am not sure if my step in PDQ will finish before or after the reboot starts. I put it on 6 minutes just in case. I need about 3 reboots to complete Windows Update complete which usually means deploying the same package 3 times but if 2 sleep steps will fix it then hooray!

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  • Just gave it a shot using the Powershell step as "Local System". It installs correctly but does not create shortcuts in the folders. The program is not able to run though. I'm assuming the setup didn't finish completely somewhere. I wish there were some logs files to look at.

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