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  • Assuming Filezilla will be updated soon
  • Solved it!!!

    Ran a database cleanup and it now works fine.

  • Depending on the product being install there might be a command line switch to include the license file. What are you attempting to install?

  • Network Share, This is happening even if i open the console on the server where the share is.

    BTW the service account have full share and NTFS permissions.

  • PDQ Deploy Console question
  • Putty Update Time frame?
  • WinSCP Update?
  • If you have WSUS up and running there is an update you can approve there to update system to latest version of Windows.

  • Slack 4.0.0 update timeframe
  • Enterprise deploy-able tool found here - https://support.logi.com/hc/en-001/community/posts/360033207154-Logitech-Unifying-Receiver-Update - near the bottom of the page. Comes with the command line updater, the update zip file, and a pdf on how to deploy it.

    Basically my deploy copies the files local one being the batch file to run it, and then runs the local batch file.

  • and it is working again???

  • And it is broken again.

  • It is working now.....

    IDK what it was.


  • Can't download packages from "Package Library"