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  • this is interesting my last line i have put this

    if %errorlevel% eq 0 exit /b %errorlevel%

    but in pdq deploy its still running even tho my .bat file has exited, i know this as i see light point web in add/remove programs

    how do i get my bat file to exit after a succesfull installation, maybe if i get this right, pdq will mark it down as a success

  • Hi,

    it runs and it normally takes 39 seconds for it to install lightpoint as all the time on the target pc i keep on refreshing add/remove control panel and it appears in there after 39 seconds

    i abort it as if i dont it just continually runs (until the pdq timeout which is 60 minutes)

    i dont get any error code as im aborting it

    here is the screenshot -

    enter image description here

    thanks, rob

  • nice one /qn worked

    whats the difference between q or qn?

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  • all looks good,

    even with the /passive option it didnt show up when i deployed it via pdq deploy on a target pc

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