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  • Is there a specific reason for installing the Agent into the image? I generally advise against putting any software into your images. That's why we have PDQ, right?

    I baked a bunch of software into my images because I was originally hired to assist with a hardware refresh but the only endpoint management software they had was LogMeIn and a sad WDS server. Had to create images and deploy hardware immediately and didn't have time to build out and learn a new software deployment system so I just baked in everything a standard user could possibly use. 4 years later I still havent updated the images (haha) and just use Deploy to uninstall all the baked in crap, creating a software baseline, before installing only the software that user needs.

  • Thanks!

  • FYI bug in Adobe Reader DC 19.008.20071
  • Still getting error 1 when installing these drivers though everything seems to have worked. Drivers look to be installed and functioning correctly. Could Error 1 be a success code?

  • a sleep command fails with "Failed to connect to the service manager.."

    The PDQ Sleep step fails with that error? I thought the Sleep step was literally a "wait x seconds until moving to next step". I've never seen Sleep error and didn't know it was even possible.

  • Easiest way is to blast the shortcut out to the Public desktop. Assuming all application installs are the same architecture just create a new package step to copy the .lnk shortcut file to C:\users\public. If different architectures are possible then create 2 steps, 1 for each, and use step conditions to determine which step runs on which machine.

  • version 4.2 is out now.

  • Any update on this? 

  • I'd like this too- anything I don't have to update myself helps me keep the app environment current.

  • nomacs image viewer (free for commercial use)
  • Irfanview Uninstaller
  • Would also like this

  • I would like this as well. Currently we bake SEP into the image and rely on SEPM to push updates out. It works pretty well but I would love having more control. SEPM already provides silent msi installers. I could probably create a custom package very easily for this, but I love when AA makes my job even an hour easier.