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  • Thank you for letting is know. The result of "Trojan[:HEUR]/Win32.AGeneric" indicates that it got flagged by their generic heuristics, possibly because of some of the admin level API calls that the application makes. As you say it's probably a false positive, we'll follow up on it to find out what it means exactly.

  • Virtual Clone Drive
  • Barry,

    The link is referring to you having an Enterprise license for PDQ Deploy. Advanced subscriptions have been merged with licenses and are now called Enterprise. There's a different license key associated, and we didn't start e-mailing them out until shortly after you got your updated one.

    An Enterprise license doesn't yet give you any additional functionality unless you have more than one user, but that will change in future releases. For now, though, you can put in the Enterprise license to make the link on the bottom go away.  I'll have the new license sent to the technical contact on your account. 

  • Eric,

    Unfortunately we don't have that capability just yet. We are planning on adding the ability to reference arbitrary inventory data in commands, but I can't say for sure when it will be done.

  • The most common cause of this is that the computer can be pinged by the short NetBIOS name but not the fully qualified domain name. Inventory will try to ping by the fully qualified domain name if it exists in DNS. What happens when you ping by the full computer name?

  • Jonathan,

    Yeah, it's a weird one.  There are a couple of different ways to set focus and activate a window and it seems that there are some circumstances where it just doesn't work properly. Windows gets a bit finicky when it dealing with one application controlling another, though, so it's not entirely unexpected.

  • Jonathan,

    Thank you.  The expanding problem might be related to a fix we made to handle another issue with the window, we'll look into it.  When you say the "windows" do you mean where the Deploy window shows briefly and then it goes back to Inventory?  If so, we were never able to reliably reproduce that one and it seemed to go away on it's own, it seemed to have more to do with the version of Windows than anything we could fix easily.

  • Ken,

    The timeout only applies once the deployment starts on that computer, so the clock doesn't start ticking while queued.  We've had a couple of requests to change this so that there's an overall timeout that includes the queued phase but we haven't decided the best way to approach it yet.

  • Ken,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, we've been trying to duplicate this issue here.  We have seen something similar happen a couple of times, but not quite the same.  

    When the deployments are stuck in Queued do you see the background service process taking a lot of processor? 

  • Ken,

    Do you have any errors in your event log from PDQ Deploy?

  • There are some slight differences in how Inventory and Deploy authenticate which may account for the difference. There may also be another issue that's causing Deploy to stop authenticating and you only run into this issue when you restart the service.  Once you've got the privilege revocation problem fixed you'll find out if Deploy stops working again and a simple restart fixes it.

  • Ryan,

    Aha, that makes sense.  When you reapply the credentials within PDQ Deploy we assign that privilege if it's not set. It sounds like you may have a GPO that's revoking it.  What's odd is that it hasn't affected Inventory, but that may just be a timing issue where you notice the problem in Deploy before it has a chance to break Inventory.

  • You should have something in your system event log about it.  It could be that the password within the service is being reset or corrupted, or a privilege is being removed.  Since this doesn't affect PDQ Inventory then it's probably not a privilege thing, but it could be due to timing.

  • Ryan,

    Thank you, that answers that question. When you restart the service and you get a credentials error, what does it say and where do you see it?  Is this withing PDQ Deploy or do you see it within Windows somewhere?  


  • Next time you see the problem, check the PDQ Deploy service in the Windows control panel and let me know if it's been changed, probably to Local System.  

  • That is odd.  Do both services use the same account?

  • Ryan,

    It sounds like something may be resetting the credentials on the service, possibly a GPO?  By hitting OK PDQ Deploy reapplies the credentials (the credentials it shows are those which it will apply, not necessarily those that are currently set on the service).  You can verify this by checking the Log On information in the Windows services control panel next time you see the problem.

  • This directory is used to store a temporary database that is used to communicate between applications. It will be created as needed, so there's no need to move it.  Newer versions of the software no longer use the directory so what you have may be left over from a previous installation.

  • Thank you for the extra information.  We've analyzed the code and have found a possible culprit.  We'll send you a build through e-mail with a small change to see if it helps out.

  • Phil,

    Do you have any errors from PDQ Inventory in your application event log?  It could be that an error is occurring right at the end of the scan which is preventing the service from marking it complete.