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  • PDQ Agent preventing Windows Monthly Rollup
  • @Christian - Thanks, I like the options! I'll have a play.

  • Feature Requests: Notify when online, bundle a package for offline deployment
  • Hello,

    Is this package suitable for linking to the built-in Inventory collections under

    PDQ Agent > PDQ Agent (Not Installed)

    PDQ Agent > PDQ Agent (Old)

    ie. will it install (or upgrade itself) to computers in these collections?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Very helpful. Thanks.

    When I view the applications installed on a computer that is a member of the (old and latest) collection, I do indeed see multiple versions for the same runtime (even across x86 and x64)

    multiple c++ runtime installed

  • [SOLVED] PDQ inventory: Visual C++ Collections - what are "old and latest"?
  • +1 here. An app-store style interface would be great. If that's too much of a stretch, then just a web interface would be useful - when I get requests for software installs whilst out the office, I could simply login via a secure website and tap a few buttons to deploy software (even via my iPhone). 

    Currently, I have to VPN first, then remote desktop, then launch Deploy, then navigate that. Its cumbersome when doing this from a smartphone.

  • just to answer my own question. After further troubleshooting I had issues with the NetLogon service on my PC. This was down to a known bug in the version of Webroot I was using. Uninstalling Webroot, then rebooting, caused the NetLogon service to start, which allowed me to run PDQ Inventory on my own PC. 

  • Hi, 

    I too am getting this on PDQ Inventory. I have just downloaded the trial today as we have been a PDQ Deploy site for a while now. I'm running  Inventory version

    I have installed PDQ Inventory on my local PC for now. All machines in the domain are scanning fine except my local PC.

    Remote Repair scans then returns...

    IPC$ Share - The network path was not found
    Admin$ Share - The network path was not found

    Create Service - working [ticked]
    Read Privileges - working [ticked]

    Troubleshooting I have done:

    • Start > cmd > "net share" shows IPC$ and Admin$ shares exist.
    • Windows firewall disabled on all 3 profiles (no other firewall installed)
    • Computer Browser service is started (and restarts successfully)
    • Server service is started (and restarts successfully)
    • ping and name resolution all working fine from remote computers
    • I can browse \\computername\c$\ and see other shares on my PC from remote computers

    Not sure what else to look at...

    On a related point, when go into Options > Preferences > .NET Installation and click 'download .NET Now' I see the download progress, then get a warning when saving to disk..."unable to copy .net installer to the server. Please manually copy C:\users\<username>\desktop\DotNet452.exe' to '\\<mylocalcomputer>\c$\programdata\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\DotNet452.exe'. The network path was not found.

    Any tips?