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  • Can anyone figure out a way to install this through PDQ? Unified Communications Managed API 5.0 Runtime
  • Any way to use PDQ to start all services that are Automatic and not running?
  • How often does my PDQ install check in with PDQ.com for updated information?
  • OK, so I'm looking at how to deploy the agent. I found this page: https://support.pdq.com/knowledge-base/876#4

    Since these machines have never been scanned by PDQ in our home office, I'm assuming I have to do the Manual Install for computers that have Not been scanned.

    Unless I'm reading this wrong, I have to manually create an entry for every server in PDQ Inventory first, and then generate a custom installer that I have to get out to the server and then run it from there? Is that right? Is there not a way to just install the agent with generic connection information and let it Check In with PDQ Inventory on its own? I have 600+ servers that I was thinking about putting the agent on and having them all check in with the home office. If that means I have to create 600 manual entries, 600 config files, and install the program 600 times by hand, that's nuts. And for every new machine we create I have to do that again?

    Please tell me I'm missing something here...

  • Since I already have PDQ installed, can I convert the install at our home office to a Central Server install and then have the agents check into that, or do I need to reinstall it and start over? I did everything as stand alone when i did the initial installs.


  • PDQ Agent and local server managing the same servers? Brainstorming session....
  • Ah, well that makes it easy. Didn't know .net was an actual variable you could just query on directly. 😃

  • Can I make a collection to show which machines have .net 3.5 installed?
  • Collection based on contents of a log file?
  • Does this work? I tried something similar to detect it a specific service exists but can't get it to work. I'm using: if (get-service "Tenable Nessus Agent" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { exit 33 } else { exit 44 }

    I have 33 in the Success Codes box and I have the task set to "Stop deployment with Success". Problem is if I type gibberish in the Service name, it still stops and says success.

    If I replace the Exit parts with writing Yes or No to the screen, that seems to work fine. I'm brand new to the PDQ software so I might be doing something wrong. I simply want a way that I can check for a specific file or service before deploying something to check and see if it already exists or not.

  • Bump for any update. We find people have installed Wireshark on servers to troubleshoot an issue and then they forge tit's there for months or years and end sup with a really old version. Would be great if we could use PDQ to update or uninstall it.

  • Yes please. Just went looking for this program and was surprised it's not there. We always fine old version of it in places where someone installed it to check one thing and it's sat for months or years.

  • Scan after Deploy doesn't seem to work?
  • Is there any way to add a column for "Current Version" when looking at Collection Libraries
  • How to handle reboots after Windows Updates?