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  • Feature Suggestion - Running Deployments separate window/tab
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  • I haven't had this issue using the PDQ Packaged Adobe Reader. I have found I sometimes have to do a repair on one every once in a while.

  • I created my own package for AdobeConnect installer with /VERYSILENT parameter in case you wanted to package it yourself.

  • I'd also love the ability to deploy my custom packages. Would even purchase "Cloud Storage Space" from PDQ if my files needed to reside out there! 😃

  • I like this idea. Allowing the Auto-Download/Auto-Deploy file to "download" the file a set amount of days beforehand but not actually install until the set day mark would be very helpful for my DFS Environment. Could potentially give my DFS 2-3 days to replicate out to all my sites. Especially helpful for the larger Windows Updates files.

  • Late response, but I can think of a few ways that "might" help accomplish this.

    First would be to use a software called ORCA where you can modify the install msi/exe and then save the new install file with the parameters you need.

    The second thing you could try is actually turning off the program compatibility assistant service in services.msc. This would stop windows from checking and giving the application compatibility issue message box.

  • You should be able to add this directly to the Registry. GPO would be my recommendation, but if GPO isn't an option you could deploy this out.

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains\mypoopyapps.solutions] "https"=dword:00000002

    0 My Computer 1 Local Intranet Zone 2 Trusted sites Zone 3 Internet Zone 4 Restricted Sites Zone

  • It's almost there..It does everything except Disable the user, and it errors out at the move part. I'm going back through to make sure i didn't mistype something 



    #import AD module - search the tobeseperated OU - Disable the account - Copy Members of to Description Field - Move user to Seperated Users OU

    import-module activedirectory
    get-aduser -Filter * -SearchBase "OU=tobeseperated,DC=domainname,DC=org" -Properties samaccountname, memberof |
    Select-Object samaccountname, @{n = ’MemberOf’; e = { ($_.memberof|ForEach-Object { (Get-ADObject$_).Name })-join “,” }}

    #set description
    Foreach ($user in $users)

    Set-ADUser $user.samaccountname -Description "Was a member of :- $($user.memberof)"

    # Remove From all the Groups
    Get-ADGroup -Filter {name -notlike "*domain users*"} | Remove-ADGroupMember -Members $user.samaccountname -Confirm:$False

    Move-ADObject -Identity $user -TargetPath "OU=Separated Employees,DC=safy,DC=org"


  • So the top part of my script is still good? Would that part search the tobeseperated OU only and then perform the rest?


    import-module activedirectory 
    $users=get-aduser -SearchBase "OU=tobeseperated,DC=domainname,DC=org" -Properties samaccountname,memberof |select samaccountname, @{n=’MemberOf’; e= { ( $_.memberof | % { (Get-ADObject $_).Name }) -join “,” }} 

  • Calling POWERSHELL Guru's (non-pdq related)
  • Thanks Heath and Gary!  I think Heath's will work just fine. 

  • Desktop Icon Search
  • They did an article about deploying Adobe Cloud.  I would imagine you could follow these steps and as Adobe Cloud updates come out you could re-download - redeploy the latest version.  If Adobe Cloud is smart enough like the standard Adobe Reader, it would just update the current version on their computer. 


    https://www.pdq.com/blog/silently-install-adobe-creative-cloud/   <-- article 


  • awesome! did you run into issues with Applications missing or profiles getting corrupt?

  • I haven't tried it yet.  This became a low priority.

  • PDQ Deploy/Inventory Humor
  • I actually deploy Lenovo System Update out from PDQ Deploy.  I grab the systemupdate.exe file from Lenovo, add the parameter /VERYSILENT and push it to all our laptops.  

    My next step which I haven't done yet but want to, is downloading the Lenovo GPO Policies and seeing configuring SystemUpdate to auto install "critical" updates when they become available. 

    I believe I had read you can even host this on a server in-house instead of pulling from Lenovo Servers on each machine.

  • So i found the solution.  I have the GPO Policy for the Start Menu.  The problem is when the computers go off "Company Internet" the Start Menu GPO doesn't "hold" I'm assuming because it's looking for the specific XML which I had placed on a Company Share.  I ended up creating a Folder in C:\Windows\  called StartMenu and added the XML, then pointed the GPO StartMenu to that location.  After that was completed and updated everything was working as expected. 

  • Pro is what we're running.